Artwork By Mark Szpyrka for the    Philadelphia Mummers Day Parade      every January 1st
Me Mark Szpyrka
member Happy Tappers Comic Club
Mummers Artist
3731 Richmond Street
Philadelphia, PA  19137
About Me
44 year mummer
First Prize winner in 2003
I am available for Sketches, Themes, Ideas, Props, Banner Signs, Backdrops, and much more...
I have been associated with Gallager Fancy Brigade, Jokers Fancy Brigade, Jubilee Gents Comics, Happy Tappers Comics, Trilby String Band, and Avalon String Band.
I started Mummers Artist to Show My Mummers Sketches and to bring them to life in the Parade.
Favorite Quote
      " Be Big, Three dimensional,                   and lots of Glitter"
Al Heller, Goodtimers
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