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Mummers Clubs Join The Internet

Others are still to find the benefits of
having a website on the Internet.
In this fast paced online society around
the world you can find anything, even
Philadelphia Mummers on the web.
" I get my news from my club by E-MAIL
 and our website" said a local mummer 
from South West Philly.
If you don't have a site then contact 
Mark Szpyrka at 
      Banner will Go To the 
           Shooting Stars 

Stars will receive the Fancy Brigade Association Banner  On February 22nd, the First Prize winning Brigade  received its award. The event is the  reward for Winning New Years Day 2014. The awards Banquet is attended by representatives of all the Fancy Brigades. The captains also received their awards. 

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About Us
2013 will be held in ATLANTIC CITY
At the Boardwalk Hall at the Convention Center 
On FEBRUARY  23RD 2013 only one show at 3:00  in Atlantic City at the Boardwalk HALL. The STRING BANDS  Will held their annual concert, featuring  the First Prize winning FRALINGER  STRING BAND .  All the members of the S.B. Association will do their  winning  performances from NEW YEARS DAY in full PLUMES and MUSIC. " There will be Many Bus tours available. Groups Welcome. Check out the Mummers Museum for more details. or for tickets go online to or call 1-800-736-1420   Last year went great, but we may have found a way to have the old get-togeathers like in the old days where all the clubs can congratulate each other behind the scenes, to get the camaraderie back that we had then." said  a long standing member of the String Bands. It would only make a good thing better!
Mummers Parade all over the USA and the World
January, February, March 
JAN  01st  Mummers NEW YEARS Day Parade S. Broad st.
JAN 10th        Fancy Brigade Serenade 
FEB  21nd     Fancy Brigade banquet
MARCH 00th        String Bands            St. Patty's Day Parades

Please Hire these Bands!
To hire a String Band call 866-251-2638, tell them Mummers Artist sent YOU!
The Mummers are paid to perform at Parades and Concerts. 
This is one way they are able to pay for the Performances and Costumes 
for the New Years Day Parade.
Bands Please spread the wealth so that the Fans can see and enjoy Mummery!
Without the Fans there is Nothing! Build it and they will come!
Please E-Mail ME if you know of a parade or concert involving the Mummers!
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String Bands Parade to Serenade the 2015 winner  
 March 29th    
On  st of March 29th starting at 2 PM the String Bands will  march on  2nd and Moore street ending up at the Home of the First Prize Fralinger String Band ..  The bands perform to honor the winner. The bands dance and play. Everything will be fine , the weather will co-operate  as the bands play on till Late evening. "It should turn out  to be a good time! " 
Mummers Museum
 North Wildwood Brigade Parade 
 2014 Sat. and Sun. June th and th 
Saturday, June th 2014 the Members of the Fancy Brigade Association  Paraded down Surf  NorthWildwood, NJ in the annual summer parade. The Mummers in full costume and Backpices survived the weather and performed for prizes at two judges stands and partied back at their respective Motels till the wee hours of the night.Great Parade!
Jokers N.Y.A.
Wildwood String Band Parade 
2014 Saturday and Sunday September th & th
     Saturday, September th 2014 the String Bands will perform on New Jersey Ave. North Wildwood   As many as 8 Bands will Play for over a thousand fans through-out the Day. A carnival atmosphere abound. "it gets better every year!'' said a fan who drove from Philly just for the day.
    Sunday, September 0th 2013 the Members of the String Bands will Parade down The
 North Wildwood, NJ in the annual parade. 
Mummers CD's and Tapes are available in the Mummers Store!
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Brigades Parade to Serenade the 2015 Winner  

                          date Jan. 10th
On Saturday, January 10h 2015 starting at  5 PM 
the Fancy Brigades  perform on 1815 S 11th St, 
Philadelphia, PA 19148
.. For the First Prize  South Philly Vikings Fancy Brigade . The Clubs  perform to honor the winner. Some of the other divisions also attended, like the Fralinger String Band who is also a 2015 Champion. A Good time will be had by all!                  
Philadelphia Summer Mummers Parade
Welcome America JULY 4th Parade 2014
July 4th     as part of the July 4th Parade 
The Top String Bands will strut there stuff
 just like the annual. Summer Mummers Parade!
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Philadelphia Mummers Parade 2015 
THURSDAY ,  January 1st
starting at 10:00 am 
The parade will start at City Hall . and run South on Broad Street to Washington Ave . The String Bands will line up on the parkway then move South. The best place to see all the  Parade is on South BROAD Street. The Parade will start at  10:00AM and run till about 4 to 5 PM. Parking is good east and west of the parade route. tickets for City Hall contact the Philadelphia Visitors Center at 215-965-7676 
you can contact the Mummers Museum at 215-336-3050
Also the indoor Brigade performances at Noon and 5 o'clock  Purchase tickets at
Back on Broad and the MYphl17
enjoy the Philadelphia Mummers Parade.
any questions contact Mark at 

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Mummers Museum Summer Mummers Concerts
String Band Music Tuesdays under the Stars 2014
2nd and Washington Avenue
17th Quaker City
24th Woodland
31st Gloucester City

7th Avalon
14th Duffy
21st South Philly
28th Uptown
12th Greater Kensington
19th Trilby
26th Fralinger
2nd Ferko
9th Aqua
16th Durning
23rd Broomall
30th Polish American
6th Sterling String Band
13th Greater Overbrook
20th Hegeman
27th Hardly Ables

      Concerts in the Park

Wednesdays during the summer
                      8:00 PM 

         2nd street and Jackson
Mummers TV and Radio coverage,
The MYphl17 will be covering the whole street parade. TV will begin at 9:00am with a recap last years parade along with some previews of the 2014 Mummers Parade. The Comics begin around 10 am. followed by the Fancy . The String Bands should start around 1:00 and complete before 5:00 . MYphl17 will cover the Brigade finale on a taped broadcast on Jan. 1st starting at 8:00 PM
 10:00 is when the prizes should be announced. 
MYphl17 WGN network is scheduling a  National WEBcast on Jan 1st
On RADIO 93.3 WMMR airing a show on the Mummers. hosted by Markus Goldman. Look for Jacky Bam Bam , Nights and Weekends, He will be in the parade as  Handsome Costume in the Golden Sunrise Fancy Club.

Click for Philadelphia, PA Forecast
All Concerts start at 8 PM

     Bring Folding Chairs
                            City wide budget cuts for all Parades               
                                     Mummers Museum budget cut 
     Mummers Parade Donations to help keep the Parade
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